Video Guide: How to Uninstall Autodesk Inventor with UninstallService

In this video guide, you’ll learn how to uninstall Autodesk Inventor completely with UninstallService.

Autodesk Inventor is a powerful mechanical design application that is widely used by engineers and manufacturers to create 3D models of mechanical components and products. It is a software tool that allows users to design and simulate the behavior of mechanical systems, including parts, assemblies, and products. With Autodesk Inventor, users can create complex parts and assemblies, perform simulations, and generate detailed engineering drawings. The application offers a wide range of tools and features that make it easy to create and manage complex mechanical designs. It allows users to create and modify designs using a variety of techniques, including parametric design, direct modeling, and freeform modeling. The software also supports a range of industry-standard file formats, making it easy to share designs with other users or import and export data from other applications. Overall, Autodesk Inventor is an essential tool for engineers and manufacturers who need to create and manage complex mechanical designs. It offers a comprehensive set of features and tools that make it easy to design, simulate, and test mechanical systems. If you are looking for a powerful mechanical design app, then Autodesk Inventor is definitely worth considering.

Steps to Uninstall Autodesk Inventor

  1. Select Autodesk Inventor in the app list
  2. Click the trash icon on the right
  3. Click Yes on the prompt message box
  4. Review the files and then click Start Uninstall to proceed
  5. Click Uninstall to start the uninstall process
  6. Wait for the on-screen process to be completed, and then click Scan Leftovers
  7. Click Delete Leftovers to complete the Autodesk Inventor removal
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Posted on May 8, 2023 UninstallService Editor