Video Guide: How to Uninstall Brave Browser with UninstallService

In this video guide, you’ll learn how to uninstall Brave browser completely with UninstallService.

Steps to Uninstall Brave

Brave browser is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to browse the internet with speed, privacy, and security. It is a fast, private, and secure web browser that is designed to protect your online privacy while providing you with a seamless browsing experience. Brave browser is built on an open-source platform that is both transparent and reliable, making it a trustworthy option for anyone who wants to keep their online activities private. With features like ad-blocking, tracker blocking, and HTTPS upgrading, Brave browser ensures that your online activities remain safe and secure. Moreover, it offers lightning-fast browsing speeds, thanks to its advanced technology that optimizes page loading times. Whether you are a regular internet user or a digital marketer, Brave browser is the web browser to enhance your browsing experience.

Steps & video guide

  1. Select Brave in the app list
  2. Click the trash icon on the right
  3. Click Yes on the prompt message box
  4. Review the files and then click Start Uninstall to proceed
  5. Click Uninstall to start the uninstall process
  6. Click Scan Leftovers and then click Delete Leftovers to complete the Brave removal

Posted on March 14, 2023 UninstallService Editor